Care and Cleaning for Upholstered Furniture

To preserve the beauty and longevity of your Smith Brothers furniture, a little periodic care and maintenance can help you avoid the abrasive and prolonged treatments that may be required to restore your furniture after years of use. Here are some basic tips:

  • Rotate and flip your cushions regularly to evenly distribute wear. Try to do this once a week.
  • We use the best fiber available, but all fibers—even the very best—will lose their "loft" over time and use. This will make cushions and pillows look like they're sagging or crushed. You can bring back the loft by fluffing your cushions every so often, which distributes the fibers more evenly and keeps the cushions light and soft. Try to do this once a week.
  • Don't expose your upholstered furniture to direct sunlight for long lengths of time.
  • Keep your furniture away from extreme temperature or moisture changes.
  • Treat spills as soon as possible so they don't have a chance to dry or set.
  • Dab spills with a soft, clean, white cloth or absorbent paper towel. Do not scrub, which can spread the stain and work it deeper into the fabric. Follow our recommended cleaning methods as described below for the type of cleaning code specified. You'll find the recommended cleaning code on the deck tag under your seat cushions.
  • Remove dust and dry stains with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush attachment every ten to fifteen days.
  • For leather upholstery, dust regularly and wipe down the leather with a damp cloth. Never use wax, polish, or oil leather cleaner. Using a soft cloth to buff the leather after cleaning will bring out the patina and add luster to the leather.

Recommended Cleaning Codes for Spot Cleaning Only

  • S: Clean with pure petroleum distillate-based solvents only. Water-based or detergent-based solvent cleaners may cause excessive shrinkage. Water stains may become permanent.
  • W: Clean with water-based cleaning agents or foam to remove overall soil. Note: many household cleaners are harmful to the color and life of a fabric.
  • SW: Clean with either water-based cleaning agents, foam, or pure petroleum distillate-based solvents.

Always test on a less visible section of the fabric before applying any cleaning agent to your furniture. Dab gently with a clean cloth, and never wipe or soak your fabric.

Do not steam clean your Smith Brothers upholstered furniture. Periodic professional dry cleaning is recommended.

Maintenance for Smith Brothers Furniture with Fixed or Tight Covers

  • Test ALL treatments on a concealed part of the furniture piece first.
  • Dab—don't scrub—the spill with a soft, clean, white cloth or absorbent paper towel.
  • Do not apply solvents directly onto the stain; pour onto a clean cloth.
  • Clean the stain using a circular motion working from the outside inwards.