Style and Tailoring

Smith Brothers style and tailoring options: the ultimate in personalized furniture.


Combine fabrics and leathers to create a truly unique look

With Smith Brothers, let your imagination be your guide! On all of our frames, we offer you the option to use multiple fabrics for the main body of the frame, and on any frame that is offered in leather you can incorporate leather and fabric together to make a truly unique style statement!

Our full fabric and leather line is available to use in combination on any style you want, so you can design your own look that fits your space perfectly. Choose a fabric for the seats and backs and a leather for the arms and base, or you can pick a solid fabric for the back and arms and a floral for the cushion tops and a stripe for the cushion fronts. We will happily build any combination you can dream up, so be creative and let us help you bring your imagination to life!

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Contrast Welts, Fringe, and Cord

A very popular option when it comes to personalizing your furniture: contrast the welt cord. This means that you use a different fabric or leather on the welt cord than the main cover of the furniture.

A little more subtle than collaging, this is a nice way to add a splash of interest to your furniture that just can't be done with many other furniture companies. At Smith Brothers, since we make everything to order, we can give you the option to pick any combination of our 1,000 fabrics and 100 leathers to make your furniture special.

For even more choices, use a specialty fringe and cord on your pillows, or even on your furniture!

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All of our fabric sofas and sectionals come standard with pillows included. You can customize your pillows by changing the fabrics on them, adding fringe and cord, contrasting your welt cords by using an alternate fabric or leather, or you can even collage the pillows and use one fabric on the front and a different one on the back.

In addition to our standard pillows that come with each sofa and sectional, we also offer a very diverse line of extra pillows to add an extra bit of flair to your furniture! Choose from pillows with buttons (and of course, you can choose a contrasting fabric or leather for the buttons!), pillows with pleating or ruffles, bolster pillows, round pillows, rectangular pillows, and even pillows with mitered sections that make stripes much more interesting!

Like all of our furniture, you can choose to use more than one fabric for your pillows, so you can again create a personalized look that no one else has. On most of our pillows, you also have the option of using leather for one side of the pillow, or for the welts. You can incorporate the same leather you chose for your recliner into a unique pillow design for your sofa and use the subtle cross-over to bring the whole group together.

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Most of our furniture can be ordered with nailhead treatment. Nailheads are the small metallic accent nails that are added to finished upholstery for another level of decoration. Seen everywhere from classic, traditional looks where it is added to arm panels and base bands, to the more contemporary or transitional looks where it is added along an entire outline of a frame to add a sparkling beauty, nailhead can be the perfect addition to any piece!

Choose from four different finish colors for any nailhead application: antique brass comes standard, but you can also pick from polished nickel, brushed nickel, or graphite.

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Wood Trim

From top to bottom, we want you to have the most options for customization! On all of our furniture with exposed wood legs, choose a wood finish that fits your personal style. Whether you want all of your furniture to match, or you want to have a variety of wood colors to give a more eclectic look, we have plenty of choices to help you get exactly the look you're after.

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The "Build Your Own" Series

Our Build Your Own series offer the ultimate in choice: choose options like arm and back styles to design the furniture that's perfect for your home! Whether your style is more on the traditional or formal, or more laidback and casual, you can put together your own unique look.

What's more, you have all of the tailoring options we offer with our full line: collaging (using multiple fabrics and leathers on the body of the furniture), contrasting welt cords to make the lines of the piece pop, adding fringe and cord for a sophisticated enhancement to pillows, selecting a nailhead choice to add another level of detail to your frame, and selecting the wood trim color that fits your style the best.

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