Shipping and Delivery

A Smith Brothers truck

Unlike many other furniture manufacturers—and especially the ones who outsource to China—we operate our own fleet of trucks to deliver finished furniture.

Along with our emphasis on efficiency in building the furniture itself, managing our own fleet allows us to ship our finished product with unmatched speed and care. Commercial freight carriers, like the ones often used to ship furniture, load their trucks in a way that minimizes empty space; this means that sofas and other long pieces are shipped on their sides. Too often, this damages the frame. On top of an already much longer delivery time, now the piece has to be shipped back or repaired!

At Smith Brothers, every piece of furniture that goes out the door is wrapped in quilts and loaded on the trucks by hand, where they ride on their feet and not on their side or stacked like blocks.

Sure, that means we don't get as many pieces onto a truck as we could, but it also means every piece arrives in perfect condition, just as solid as it was when it left Berne.