Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy directly from Smith Brothers?
We sell our products through retail stores around the country.
Can you quote selling prices?
Selling prices are determined by each retail store.
How many fabrics do you offer and how can I see them?
We offer over 900 fabrics ranging from traditional tapestries and chenilles to cotton florals, checks, and plaids, as well as a selection of transitional patterns and over 80 leathers. Twice a year we introduce over 100 new fabrics to our line—keeping our retailers fresh with fashion-forward textures and colors. You can see all the available fabrics (and leathers) by visiting your local retail store, or by browsing our online catalog—but remember that looking at pictures of fabrics on a web site is no substitute for seeing and feeling them in person!
The Asbury Collection
The Asbury Collection, one of our suggested fabric correlate groups
Can I purchase fabric from Smith Brothers to match my furniture for a repair or accent piece?
Absolutely! You can purchase our fabric by the yard through your local retailer.
Do you ever discontinue fabrics?
Yes, we do stop carrying fabric patterns. Often it's because the mill where we buy a fabric either drops the fabric on their end, or makes a change that alters the quality enough that it no longer meets our strict standards. Other times we discontinue a fabric simply because it's not very popular. We try to find the right balance in our fabric selection: too few and you won't find exactly what you want; too many and you'll have to sift through a lot of options you don't like.
What happens if I want a repair or a new piece to match a fabric that's been discontinued?
In most cases, there is another fabric in our line that will closely match something that's been discontinued. Work with your local retailer to find the best fit.
Can I provide my own fabric to be used in building my furniture?
Absolutely! Your retailer will work with you in determining how much fabric is needed for any of our frames, and in determining whether the fabric you have selected is suited for use in upholstered furniture (considering durability, maintenance, etc).
Can I check the status of my order?
We usually deliver orders in four to six weeks. However, in the unlikely event that the fabric or some other component you requested is out of stock, the order may take longer to complete. The retail store where you purchased your furniture should be able to assist you in finding the status of your order.
How do you handle repairs?
The best thing to do is to immediately report any defects to the retailer where you purchased the furniture. Your retailer will help determine if a needed repair is covered under our lifetime warranty and will make repair arrangements. Smith Brothers will gladly repair any problems that fall under warranty at no charge to you.
Can I get replacement parts for broken or damaged pieces?
Often damaged parts can be replaced. If you need a replacement part, contact the retailer nearest you for assistance. If the damaged part is covered under our warranty, we will replace it free of charge.
Do you offer re-upholstery services?
Your local retail store should be able to assist you with your re-upholstery needs.
What is the best way to care for my Smith Brothers furniture?
Check our page for tips on cleaning and caring for your furniture.