Construction Features

Frame Construction

  • Reinforced Joints
    All high-stress joints are double-dowelled, glued, screwed, and reinforced with solid maple corner blocks, making them extremely durable.
  • Built-in Legs
    Legs are built directly into frames, not attached separately as a final step.
  • Hand-made Quality
    All frames are assembled by hand by skilled experts.
  • Hardwood Maple
    All Smith Brothers frames are built from the finest kiln-dried maple hardwoods.
  • In-house Mill Room
    Our lumber is cut and our frames are assembled by our own experienced craftsmen at our facilities in Berne. We do not outsource our framing as many furniture manufacturers do.
  • Strong Base Rails
    The critical, load-bearing front and back rails are made of 1 1/4" solid maple lumber for superior strength and to eliminate warping in the frame.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    We offer a lifetime warranty on every frame, guaranteed against warping or breakage.

Spring Units

  • Coil Spring Units
    Under every seat cushion is a pre-engineered, heavy-gauge coil spring unit. These units are the best available in the industry and ensure rugged durability for many years.
  • Bent-Up Front Edges
    The front edges on most of our spring units are elevated and flexible, providing soft seating even at the very end of the seat, and increasing the wearability of this high-stress area.
  • Secured by Hand
    Coil spring units are positioned by hand to the frame using high-quality suspension springs.
  • Firmer Outer Coils
    The coils along the edges of our spring units are made of a thicker wire than the coils in the center, so the seat is firmer on the outside for more support.
  • Individual Support
    Coil spring units are individually supported in each position so each person sits independently.
  • Silent Operation
    Our coil spring connections are insulated with protective coating to eliminate noise as you sit and get out of the seat.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    We offer a lifetime warranty on every seat spring unit against breakage and loss of resiliency.

Foam and Padding

  • Highest Quality Foam
    Our seating foam cores are the highest quality available to the furniture industry.
  • Fiber-Wrapped
    We wrap all seat cushions individually in a layer of polyester fiber for perfect contour and softness.
  • Well-Padded Arms
    We pad each arm with foam, cotton, and fiber for maximum comfort and a beautiful, finished look.
  • Chambered Backs
    Back cushion fiber is blown into chambered bags to minimize settling and sagging over time.
  • Firmness Options
    We offer three different foam core firmness levels so you can find the seat that matches your needs.
  • Quality Testing
    Foam cores we receive from our vendors are put through specialized testing to confirm that they are consistent to our exacting standards.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    We offer a lifetime warranty on all seat foam cores against flattening or loss of resiliency.

Motion Furniture

  • Hardwood Frames
    Like our stationary furniture, we use the finest hardwood maple for our motion frames, and reinforce all high-stress joints with double dowels, screws, glue, and corner blocks.
  • Triangle Brackets
    As an added measure of support in the high-stress areas of our pressback recliners, we use heavy duty triangle metal brackets in the joint corners.
  • Exclusive Arm Supports
    We designed our own exclusive arm support system to reduce the arm wobble that is common to other manufacturers' recliners.
  • Coil Spring Seat Units
    We use coil spring seating units—an uncommon feature in most motion furniture.
  • No-Sag® Back Springs
    Where most manufacturers use a woven fabric to support the backs, we use No-Sag® back springs in most pieces.