Welcome to Berne, Indiana

Welcome to Berne

Located in the heart of rural Indiana, Berne is a small town with a rich culture.

Over the past 150 years, the town of Berne has seen big developments and progress, but has always maintained a strong connection to its roots. The birthplace of the renowned Dunbar Furniture Company, Berne Furniture, and still the home to Smith Brothers of Berne, this Midwestern city has been at the epicenter of quality, hand-crafted furniture production since the early part of the twentieth century. It's no accident that these companies, known for their exceptional manufacturing, came from a place with such a rich heritage and pride for their community.

Berne was founded in 1852 by seventy devout Mennonite immigrants from Switzerland who were fleeing religious persecution. The town was named after the capital of the founders' home country, and was—and remains today—steeped in a strong Swiss tradition.

While the city of Berne is relatively small, its presence is felt in a big way in the community. People from all over the Midwest are drawn to Berne for the annual festivals and events held in town. The quaint fa¸ades of buildings throughout the area exude pride for the city's Swiss heritage and tradition, which promotes hard work, integrity, and strong character.

In addition to its resonant Swiss influence, Berne and the surrounding area are known for a large Amish population. The Amish that live in the Berne area are known for their conservative values and upbringing that focuses on family, the church, and a life with minimal modern conveniences.

Typical Amish are trained in traditional jobs, such as farming, construction, gardening, cooking, and baking. Because of the restriction on using modern technology, the Amish use traditional methods that have been passed down for generations, and hold high standards for quality craftsmanship.

Berne is located in a primarily agricultural area, surrounded by farms and sustained by small business owners. The residents have a drive for independence and have demonstrated a strong sense of community support.

It is in this environment, which values tradition, hard work, and superior craftsmanship, that Smith Brothers of Berne was founded and has grown since 1926. Our people were raised in this community and bring this level of dedication to work with them every day to bring you the best product we can build.